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Gone Phishing

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We all know that personal information is not safe on public sites.  But what about sites that are supposedly secure? An Australian government job website was the recent target of a major phishing scheme. Thousands of job seekers became potential victims of identity theft.  Apparently, hackers broke into the jobs website, stole information, and sent thousands of emails to job candidates with offers of the “perfect job.” These emails requested more personal information from the candidates, which would give the hackers more opportunities for identity theft. The full extent of the crime is still unknown.

It is common practice for job seekers to upload their resumes to job websites when applying for a job.  It is also common for information, such as, employment history, date of birth, address and phone numbers to be included as well.  However, as the Australian situation exhibits, there is risk involved in this.

As it stands, no computer is fully secure from hackers.  Given that identity theft can cause financial turmoil for its victims, it might be prudent to avoid putting personal information anywhere on the Web. At Employmentcrossing, job seekers have access to jobs that interest them, and criminals don’t have access to those same job seekers’ money, which for obvious reasons interests them.

So take advantage of our free trial offer, without letting criminals take advantage of you!

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Authored by: PRGUY222