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The First Day on the Job

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Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

By his own schedule and design, today is his first day of hard work – although it could legitimately be said that he’s been at it since the election. And whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Republicrat, Reagan Democrat, NeoCon, Green Party member or ragingly apathetic, it is difficult not to feel SOMETHING for his constructively aggressive attitude and confidence. What kind of job will President Obama do, and why should you care? Well, we hired him, and he took the gig. Now, what should the average schmuck like you and me be watching for and learning from Obama about going into a new job?

Here are some employee basics that apply as much to a fish feeder at Sea World as to the new Leader of the Free World:

Communications: Tout your strengths, deftly acknowledge your weaknesses but tell anyone who’ll listen why you’re right for the job.

TeamBuilding: Assemble, coordinate, congregate and delegate with those who most compliment you and fill-in-the-blanks that may not be your strongest suits. (There is no “I” in “teamwork,” but there are a couple of them in “idiot.” Don’t be one of those!)

ConsensusBuilding: Work with those you may disagree with or who may not immediately see your way. Acknowledge that there’s a job to be done and a united effort is required.

Document your Progress: OK, so the President has a press corps doing that, but you’ll need to keep your own data for future reviews, future career moves and, well, the future.

Remember, that tired old adage about first impressions is pretty true. Start strong! And if you’re doing something that sucks or is sucking the life out of you, start over. There are plenty of jobs here. The may not put you in the White House, but doing something you like to do and were meant to do may keep you out of the nuthouse. Your call.

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Authored by: PRGUY222