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Salmond: An Independent Scotland is Keeping the Pound and Queen

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On Tuesday, Scotland revealed the plan they have for becoming independent from the United Kingdom. The Scottish National Party has wanted to end the union between Scotland and the UK. This party is struggling with the ideals of independence from the UK, but many are not wanting to throw out the currency dependence that they have on the British pound. The leader of this movement has claimed that both the pound and the queen will be kept as a sort of alliance to the UK, but others have skepticism regarding the idea that they will maintain a common currency. None of the three major parties of the UK believe that a common currency is likely. Salmond, however, has written an in-depth guide of how the country should pursue its independence. This paper has come ten months in advance of the vote next year on whether the country will pursue its independence. However, there are a lot of critics to Salmond’s ideals, especially with regards to contingencies. For instance, what if the UK denies their request to secede from the United Kingdom? There doesn’t seem to be any attention paid to these simple matters which are likely expected, nor how the country will try to maintain its structure if a common currency is not possible.

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Salmond: An Independent Scotland is Keeping the Pound and Queen by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes