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German Government Deal Boosts Euro, Shares

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In Germany, the Social Democrats and Angela Merkel’s conservative party are creating a coalition government which they hope is going to help the economy with news of a boost to the central bank’s liquidity. The exchange rates between the Euro and the yen are at nearly all time highs, which haven’t been seen since October 2009. The chief economist of Barclays has said that while a lot of the new policies seem like they’ll be a real help, they will only be some moderate short term gains to be made from the changes. It’s not some kind of earthshaking proposal to raise minimum wage and provide better pension benefits, and for the long term, those will not keep the economy growing. It has to be voted on by SPD members, but ending the stalemate between the two rivals has created a positive outlook for financial experts. Some pretty solid earnings from various companies such as the grocery chain Colruyt have made it apparent that the European market started to boom after this news. The Central Bank is pushing to enact policies to limit deflation and get the European economy back on its feet, but there’s already news that it’s picking up.

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German Government Deal Boosts Euro, Shares by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes