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Two Hercules Movies Coming Out Back to Back

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There are two movies that are planned to be released, both with the name Hercules in the title. This is certainly going to be a titanic battle between MGM and Lions Gate Entertainment. MGM claims that they have all the rights to a title of a movie with that name, and that their rivals are going to have to change the name. However, their opponents state that Hercules is a name that shouldn’t be protected. The Title Review Board is a part of the MPAA that’s supposed to handle the disputes over titles, but they aren’t talking either. Their rules state that they can’t discuss any of the information yet. Title disputes, however, are capable of backfiring and giving a lot of extra publicity to the underdog. For this reason, MGM might not press their case that they own the rights to the title, or it might hurt their reputation. Whatever the reason, the fact that there’s two Hercules-themed movies about to be released is probably going to ensure a lot less money for the one that gets to the box offices first. Whoever releases first is probably going to see the most profit from their production, while the other studio might not get much attention.

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Two Hercules Movies Coming Out Back to Back by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes