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Looking For a Job? Don’t Forget Your Alma Mater!

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UCLA's Royce HallSo you’re researching job prospects — making use of job search sites, working the social networking sites, keeping in touch with former colleagues. You’re using every weapon in your arsenal to get your name out there. Or are you?

What about your nourishing mother?

You went to college. You earned the degree. You probably still owe on the loans. Why not let your alma mater help you get a great job?

And I don’t mean just joining the alumni association, although that will definitely help. Through the UCLA Alumni Association, I get invites to networking groups and career symposia.

With a little research, you can locate other graduates of your college or university who may be able to help you find employment at their firm. Just reach out to them — send a letter or fire off a quick email. You don’t have to ever have met — just the fact you went to the same school will induce a lot of people to take a second look at your resume.

Even if you graduated in 1994 with a degree in Old Norse Languages while your contact graduated in 1963 with an MBA, you still have something in common — love of your old school — and it may be enough to move your resume to the top of the list.

In today’s career environment, you need all the help you can get. Find out what services your alumni association offers — many will actually set you up to meet with successful alumni!

Looking For a Job? Don't Forget Your Alma Mater! by
Authored by: Erik Even