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A Career In Webinar Hosting? Why Not?

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If you’re still marinating the thought of a second income generating project, how about a career in webinar hosting? Your ebullience and charisma will carry the whole thing, even if you failed a screen test at Fox Pictures. How about trying it?

What is Webinar Hosting?

If you’re beginning to be confused about all that jargon calling a webinar by many names then stick to this definition – a webinar is just like your face-to-face seminar but it’s on the web. A palette of software tools make it possible to use webinar hosting features like sharing files and exchanging ideas on real time.

What actually goes on during a webinar? During the web based activity, participants or presenters can use audio conferencing just using their computer speakers, show off their computer screen for product live demos and use the recording mode for playback.

Webinar hosting becomes easier when the tools allow for registration and presentation of survey polls and animation. In the workplace, knowledge about the variegated features of web hosting can earn you the admiration and envy of techno-phobics. You can shop around for small and medium businesses needing techies to manage their webinars. See the potential?

For starters, you can tell your potential customers that they need to have a computer, Internet access, and a phone line just for the webinars. Suggest headphones so they can free their hands during the live discussions. At this point, you can also encourage them to avail of promotional discounts on gadgets to save them money – if there are offers flooding the market.

Starting Your Career

Don’t be intimidated by the big companies providing hosting services for webinars. Not that you are going to invent a software, you’ll just provide technical service for those starting out or testing the viability of web conferencing.

You can smuggle a slice of the pie into your own plate. But how? Enterprising people have great ideas. First, you’ll market yourself after you’ve mastered the software, then sell your ability to small and medium businesses struggling in the technical fog.

You can serve as the webinar facilitator to relieve workers from having add-ons to their already long list of to-dos. Talk to the company head about the advantages of having you around. You can help them reach a larger audience, help them reduce travel cost, and spruce up their PowerPoint presentations.

You can also walk them through the maze to show how they can efficiently streaming files on their desktops and much more. By just showing them around, you’ll gain their approval to handle their webinar hosting. By adjusting your schedule you can have that extra income by just staying at home too.

Sometimes business ideas are hard to come by and if you’ve hit on something it should be new and relevant to the times. Being your own business is appealing but opportunities are far and in-between. Why not strike when the iron is hot?

If the idea of a career in web hosting on the side is appealing, start brushing up on the etiquettes of web conferencing. Go web hopping and look for more great ideas and tips to develop your expertise. You’re selling yourself as a consultant and an expert; you can’t afford to slip on your first outing.

A Career In Webinar Hosting? Why Not? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes