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Advertisement Space Could Be Available in Miami

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The city of Miami is definitely considering a serious approach when it comes to advertisement. The city is actually contemplating advertisements being allowed on the streets and sidewalks, even on fire hydrants, as a means of producing revenue. Just about anything that you see on the streets of Miami could end up being used as space for an advertisement. This includes an assortment of public buildings as well, along with fences. This measure is supposedly being set up so that the parking authority in Miami will be able to sell advertisements at certain pay stations on the street, which many Miami residents have noticed around the area.

However, it is believed that a measure like this worded a little too broadly. One could easily interpret this measure as meaning that advertisements could be placed on just about anything, everywhere, which could even include trees. However, the attorney for the city, Julie Bru, says that the city would not want to nail any advertisements to trees in the area and that these specific measures could change in the near future, being modified so that they become more specific.

After the proposal was announced, anti-billboard groups got together and were sending out mass e-mails to the residents of Miami, asking them to take a stand and oppose this measure. One of the co-founders of the anti-billboard group actually claimed that such a measure would be obscene and that it should definitely be thrown out. Some people even thought that the measure announced was just some sort of a joke. With the new measure, changes would be made to the code that Miami already has about being prohibited to advertise on all forms of public property, which would basically include utility poles, electric lights, benches, parking meters, and a whole lot more. It would basically include any and everything in the city of Miami, whether it is a whole building or just a structure.

And, the goal that Miami has with this new measure is to be able to earn more revenue, which would be used for the city. In general, the revenue earned would be put toward transportation and other means. An executive director for the Miami Parking Authority claims that the general plan is to simply allow advertisements to be displayed on the parking pay stations and the meters. But, if the measure is adopted, advertisements would simply be allowed to be placed anywhere one could think of, which would include trees. It is understandable why the residents of Miami are not so satisfied with this measure and chances are, it will not be approved and will need to be adjusted before approval could even take place.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes