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Jobs Prospects 2014: Where Should You Go and Where Not?

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If you wish to have a job in the next few months, do you know which part of the country will provide you the best suitable job market? According to survey reports released by the staffing giant Manpower Group, the perfect place to search for a job is the Deltona, FL metropolitan region.

Each quarter, the organization conducts surveys to identify the employment prospects from the employer. They survey employers to know their plans about the workforce in their organization. For instance, whether they will generate, reduce or make no change to their company’s workforce. As per survey, in the Deltona region, a total 24% of firms are planning to carry out recruitments in the first quarter of 2014. Furthermore, a total 13% of U.S. business owners are expected to increase their workforce during the same time period.

While the nationwide figures were promising in 2008 before the recession, at that moment, total 16% of American companies are expected to generate job prospects. The existing number is significantly higher from the lowest in the history of the survey, which was 4% during the first quarter of 2010. During the last four years, the outlook of business owners towards businesses has changed drastically.

To determine firm’s recruitment prospects, approximately 18,000 employers in the U.S. were carefully reviewed, and collected information in the top 100 metro areas. Also services of a research firm that interviewed recruitment managers and HR executives by phone and email were conducted. A series of questions about firm’s plans for the first quarter of 2014 were raised to the employers. However, the survey only provided for a rough estimate, since the actual job count that the employer’s plan to generate or reduce is absent.

After Deltona, the next in-line with best hiring prospects is McAllen, Texas. A total 23% of business owners are planning to conduct recruitment drives early next year. Also with the arrival of “winter Texans,” in the area, there has been a tremendous increase in health care services and a considerable growth in the health care jobs.

Third position in the list is mutually shared by Austin, Texas and Cape Coral, Florida. During the first quarter, approximately 20% of employers are planning to recruit new faces in their workforce. Well last but not the least included in the list stands Buffalo, New York, where 3% employers are planning to hire in the first quarter of 2014. However, even while the jobs in retail and hospitality are scarce, the healthcare, education and hi-tech manufacturing sectors are indicating prospects of a brighter future.

So, what will happen after the Q1 2014? At this point, it’s hard to say. Despite the bad economic reviews everywhere, employers in the U.S. are witnessing a progressive improvement in economy, and hiring is going just as expected.


The U.S. economy has recovered from recession and readily indicating better future prospects. With the balance in economy, the job prospects in the America are also getting brighter. Know about job prospects for Americans in 2014 and understand where the opportunities lie.

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Jobs Prospects 2014: Where Should You Go and Where Not? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes

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