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Are You Employable?

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Everybody wants to find employment. Well, almost everybody.

The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.But how many people worry about their employability? How much do you do to make yourself attractive to employers?

Here are some examples:

Be open to new careers. Your experience may be valuable to a firm in a different field. Don’t trap yourself within one industry — you can always return to it later, especially if the skill sets are similar.

Be relocatable. If you’re willing to move to another part of town, another town, another state, or even another country, guess what? The field of available jobs just grew exponentially. Some companies will even pay to move you. This is harder if you have a family. But if you can do it, then be brave and take the plunge. Apply for jobs in places you think you might like to live, and let recruiters know you can relocate. And if someone calls about a job in some place of which you have never heard, listen to the offer. It might lead you to a great new life!

Clean up your web presence. It’s not that companies look for reasons not to hire you. It’s that they have so many applicants, they can afford to be selective. So if you are putting things on web sites and social networks that would be perfectly appropriate in your personal life, but might make an employer nervous — take them down. Of course it’s not fair. Do you want a job, or not?

Take classes. No matter what your career, you should always keep your skill set fresh. Take classes, attend workshops, and go to conventions. It’s fun, it’s great for networking, and it impresses employers. It is also expensive, so choose carefully.

Have great references. Employers love nothing better than to be able to speak to another professional within their industry, who is willing to speak enthusiatically about a possible hire. It’s better than any resume, cover letter, or even letter of recommendation. Of course, if you want an employer to love you and talk about your great work, you have to be lovable and do great work. Or have something on him or her for blackmail puposes.

Are You Employable? by
Authored by: Erik Even