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Has NLRB Given Up Its Workplace Poster Requirement?

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NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) earlier, during the year 2010, issued a new rule asking the employers to display a notice board in their premises indicating that the company is amenable to encourage the rights of unions for allowing them to participate in strike, lock-outs, bargain collectively, etc. The rule is generally termed as ‘right-to-unionize’ notice board to display.
After introduction of the rule, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) filed a case with Federal district court pleading them to ban the rule as NLRB has overreached its powers.
In March 2012, a Federal district court judge, after examining the case, ordered that NLRB could not punish such employers who did not comply with the rule, but at the same time did not talk anything about banning of the rule.
NAM did not stop with the decision. Again it appealed. Based on the appeal, the court issued an injunction delaying the enforcement of the post rule until the case could be heard.
Again, a Circuit court judge, in mid-2013, upheld a lower court’s ruling that the Board overstepped its authority by issuing the rule. Further, in one more occasion, Fourth Circuit denied the NLRB’s petition for rehearing the decision.
Finally, the Supreme Court allowed NLRB to file a petition on or before January 2, 2014 to rehear the decision. But, the deadline was crossed and no petitions were filed by NLRB. This means, time being the issue is dead like that.

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Has NLRB Given Up Its Workplace Poster Requirement? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes