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Posting a Resume – Myths about Posting Your Resume Online

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Myth #1: More the number of sites I post my resume to, the better are my chances of getting job calls

The internet has of recent become an ideal place where data redundancy is rampant. Proliferation of unwanted information is a trouble which all service providers are currently fighting quite actively. Most of them make up the bulk spam content. The relevance of you finding a job by posting your resume online with fighting spam is that – the more the number of same resumes flooding the job search sites, the better is the chance of getting out of the list!

Many of us might not know this but there is a type of common database and ‘data comparing’ application in each of the job search sites that is available only to the administrator. Therefore the more number of sites you have applied to, the least are your chances of getting a job, at least with the same resume! Experts and analyst mention that ideally, the job seeker should opt for top 3-4 job search sites and some from the best local sites as well (never undermine the power of local!).

Myth #2: Bigger and numerous attachments make for a ‘heavy’ resume

Websites need bigger and better servers to survive today and quite aptly, they are doing the same thing but that does not mean you can clog their bandwidth and put undue stress on their servers for accommodating your bulky attachments! Too bulky and your resume stands a good chance of being rejected outright. Keep the resume brief and precise to the last word. Furnish extra documents only when required.

Myth #3: My employers wouldn’t like the fact that I have a social networking profile

Quite contrary to this myth, your employers will actually look for your online social networking presence. A recent survey revealed that the best and easiest your employers can do background checks on you is by visiting your social networking profile. So the next time you’re spending some time on Facebook, make sure that you remember to modify your profile to one that your employer would like to see!

Myth #4: Posting my resume online means I’m sure to get results

NO. The reason for this outright no is that no job search website will ever guarantee you with this. If they started guaranteeing their users with this, they would have to shut shops immediately. It is totally up to your resume and your luck to get that job. The site will only help you get more response – that is the end of it!

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes