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Why Granted is the Best Free Job Search Engine Online

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If you’re in a job you aren’t happy with, and are considering quitting, don’t worry that the market might too bleak. If you are relying on newspapers and job sites such as, you won’t find much, but if you are using a lot of word of mouth to let your dream be known, you will find your job by networking. Threaded in with networking, try Granted, which is the best free job search the internet has to offer.

What makes Granted better than the rest? They accept no commissions, no payment from the companies that post on their site. Instead, Employment Crossing finds the best “job wanted” headlines and harvests them into one place for your perusal. They have only our interest as a job seeker in mind, and make no money if some head hunter collects you for a job that is beneath your ability, that you might take out of sheer desperation, not knowing you are worth much more.

While it is usual to get discouraged on the job hunt, Granted keeps you optimistic, since it offers you so many options on how to land not just a job, but the best job.

Since it is free, the best thing to do is try it out. Simply type in your location and the job you are searching for, and you will immediately see that it offers more options than any other job search engine on the internet. Good luck!

Why Granted is the Best Free Job Search Engine Online by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes