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Desperately Wanting a Career Change at 40 – How Do You Go About It?

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There are many people out there who actually hate their jobs and want desperately to have a career change. The reason they do not quit on their job is that they do not know what to do next. What are some good choices for a career change at 40?

First of all, if you are planning to make a career change at 40, it better be for the right reasons. Hence, make a list why you want to leave your present career and make a list of the career ideas that would give you what you want. These might be things such as that you are unhappy about the amount of money you make, or you are unhappy about how you spend your time, or you are unhappy about the type of work you do, and so on.

The second career ideas should be a match with your core competencies. You are not likely to land a job simply because you love it. You cannot be a singer just because you love to sing; you should also be able to sing. However, in this case you could become a composer, song writer, song album director, and so on.

In other words, just because you cannot do the exact thing you love to do and still earn a good income it should not stop you from going that way. You could always find a job that is related or similar that would give you pleasure and money to satisfy you personally and professionally.

An important thing to keep in mind is that sky is the limit. It does not matter that you are a doctor but you want to paint or train athletically or practice law. You can do it. Here are some steps that you should consider to be successful in your second and changed career graph:

  1. Add the Required Qualifications – To be a professional you need to have either experience or qualifications or both. At 40+ you do not have time to wait to gain on experience; hence, you need to focus on the extra qualifications. Find out what you need to know to gain an entry professionally into the career of your choice. Re-enroll in school or obtain the necessary qualifications through online courses.
  2. Network in the New Field – Get to know people in your chosen line. Let them know how serious you are and what your strengths are. Use any and all points from your previous career that could converge and strengthen your second career.
  3. Be Ready to Start at the Bottom – Sometimes – not always – you might need to start at the bottom in terms of money and professional level. Be ready for that.
Desperately Wanting a Career Change at 40 – How Do You Go About It? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes