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Important Questions to Ask to Get a Promotion

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If you are looking to get a promotion at work, it can help to first ask yourself some questions. These are not questions you ask your supervisor directly, but ask yourself. By doing so, it gives you better insight into your motives, your next steps, and what you could be doing differently to prove to your boss that you deserve that promotion.

1. How does my supervisor make decisions?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is how your boss makes decisions. What drives them? What types of information, data or statistics do they use for making business decisions, particularly when it comes to handing out promotions? Some managers base decisions solely on numbers and facts, so if this is how your boss is, have those numbers ready. Others go based on people in general, or maybe just on the company budget.

2. Do I own up to my mistakes?

Taking responsibility for your own mistakes when you know you have made them is a big deal. You might think that by hiding them or attempting to make excuses helps you, but it has quite the opposite effect for most supervisors. Instead, your boss wants to see you admit to your mistakes and show how you will avoid making the same mistakes next time.

3. What is the best way to meet my boss’s expectations?

Next, you need to figure out a solid plan for meeting your supervisor’s expectations, including bringing your information in the best manner. Again, this depends on the type of manager you have and what their style is. Go back to that question about what kind of boss they are and how they make decisions, as it is going to help you when trying to meet their expectations. Choose the right time and way of delivery of information when requesting a promotion is essential.

4. How can I improve?

There are always different ways you can improve, advance and show your potential. Figure out some ways you can be more proactive with your job and the company in general. For promotions, bosses are typically looking for employees that do more than just what is expected of them, and go above and beyond for the betterment of the company.

5. What is the impression I am sending?

Every employee sends off a different impression; what is yours? Are you the type of employee who always done their job duties as requested and on time, or do you like to go beyond the expectations and find better ways to do it more efficiently? Ask yourself about the image you are projecting in your occupation and how you can prove that is valuable to your company.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes