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Popular Technology Trends Driving the Digital World

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Defining a digital business today is much larger than many people think. For instance, Michael J. Blitz told CMS Wire that “It’s not just about technology companies and start-ups anymore.”

Blitz is an executive from Accenture.

“Every company is a technology company at its core and in the process of converting to a digital business,” Blitz said.

Companies of all sizes are trying to weave social media into their everyday practices in order to be as successful as possible. This includes multinational companies and tiny stores on corners in neighborhoods.

Andy Markowitz, the director of Global Digital Strategy at GE told CMS Wire, “The objective of our role, from a global perspective, is to help our businesses — no matter where they are and what they do — connect with our customers or sell more product.”

Blitz said that companies are changing their image using the digital world.

“One of the biggest trends in play is the way the GE’s of the world are using their resources, scale and process discipline to reinvent themselves through digital transformation. It’s enabling them to reassert leadership in their markets and rewrite much of the digital playbook,” Blitz explained.

The IT industry is experiencing six major trends driving it right now. The first of those is that the digital and physical world are blurring together. For instance, many companies are producing wearable technology items that provide people with real-time updates to information on the go.

These products change how we live our lives and how businesses operate.

The second trend is moving towards a crowdsource from a workforce. Many companies in the IT world are switching to a crowdsource to solve problems that help those companies operate with more success.

Trend number three is the data supply chain. Right now, just one in five companies is using data in all aspects of its operations. When companies incorporate data across all of their enterprises, then it becomes a supply chain that can increase productivity.

The fourth trend is that companies have begun to harness the hyperscale. This is when a company increases their efficiency, drive down their costs, and allow their data systems to perform at incredible rates.

Trend number five is software being a core competency of the company. Companies are using applications in an effort to create better operations across the board.

The sixth and final trend is that of resiliency to failure. Companies that are successful are built to survive failure, no matter when or how it occurs.

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Popular Technology Trends Driving the Digital World by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes