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Home Sweet Cubicle

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Like many employees you’ll spend a great deal of time in your “home away from home”, also known as your office cubicle. If you’re like me staring at a gray wall for months or years on end can become boring. Make your cubicle a relaxing and pleasant corner of your work world instead of a drab space you can barely stand to be in. So what if you didn’t get that swank corner office with bay windows? You have three fabric walls and an imagination, go wild (sort of)!

It is very important that you understand your company’s standards before undertaking any redecorating. Check out your coworkers and managers spaces. Ask your supervisor if you’re unsure of any rules as to how you can decorate your cubicle. Once you’ve gotten the go ahead decide how you want to decorate your space. Perhaps you’ll want to hang personal photos, awards, paintings, a calendar or some other image. When I worked at an insurance agency I brought in Fine Art postcards I collected from European museums I visited and tacked them to my cubicle walls. During hectic afternoons I loved taking a few seconds out to glance at my postcards. I would caution you not to hang or post images of a lascivious, lewd or intimate nature.

Are those overhead fluorescent lights hurting your eyes? Perhaps you could find a desk lamp to make your day a little brighter. Larger retailers carry basic desk lamps in store and online. Check out Target if you’re looking for a cheap, colorful and funky choice. If you’re really adventurous go to a Salvation Army, Goodwill or other type of thrift/antique shop.

Some companies allow employees to listen to small radios, MP3 players or portable CD players. Check into your company’s policies. Burn some CD’s of your favorite band or turn that AM dial to your favorite radio pundit…

Do you have a green thumb? Bring in small plants to decorate your cubicle, make it your garden away from home. Bamboo and cacti are ideal office plants, both require only a limited amount of water and attention.

Finally, keeping your space somewhat tidy and clean will make your work day more orderly and relaxed. Try doing a few minutes of organizing before you leave every day. Yes its a drag after sitting in front of that computer for 8 hours, but you’ll be thankful tomorrow.

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Authored by: sara