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There’s a Reason it’s a Cliche

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Harrison Barnes wrote a blog this morning about the importance of holding on to our dreams.  In it, he spends a lot of time talking about the importance of positive thinking.  As I read it, I couldn’t help thinking it was a cliche.  But then I realized something – there’s a reason it’s a cliche.

The word cliche comes from a common practice in the printing industry in the days when printing presses had to be set by hand.  Some words and phrases were used so often that it made sense to fuse the letters together to form what was called a stereotype – a block of letters that could be set into the press without having to set each individual letter.  When the stereotype was dropped into the molten metal used to make a printing plate, it made a sound that sounded like “cliche” and the word was born.

The benefits of positive thinking are vast and hardly ever disputed.  It’s a cliche because it’s true, it works, and it’s important.  If you’re serious about finding a career that you love, then you have to be serious about thinking positive.  Positive thinking is more than an absence of negative thoughts.  If you are passive in your thinking, complacent, thinking neither negative nor positive thoughts, you are stuck where you are and subject to the whims of the world.  Positive thinking is active.  It requires intent and it is followed by action.  Make today the day you give up on complacency and embrace the cliche – the power of positive thinking.

There's a Reason it's a Cliche by
Authored by: joshua