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Facing a Bad Day at Work? Just Remember These Three Tips to Make a Fiesta Out of Your Funk

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While bad days happen to everyone at one time or another, it’s how you deal with those days that determine those who have really bad days and those who somehow manage to never seem to have a bad day, even when bad things happen to them.  Just remember these three tips, and you’ll find that you have a hard time remembering the last time you had a really bad day at work.

The first tip is to have a good attitude.  The popular cliché, “Your attitude is your altitude” is actually very good advice for everyday living, including in the workplace.  No matter how bad your day is, if you at least try and have a good attitude about it, somehow you’ll find that you think about the bad parts less and start seeing the good parts more, whether it’s at work, home, or wherever you may be.

How do you find a good attitude when everything around you is going bad?  There are several ways.  You can imagine how much worse it could be or try and think of someone else that has had, or currently has it worse than you.  Another thing to think about if you are having a horrible day at work is all of the millions of people that are unemployed and wish that they could just have a job, even if they had to have a horrible day every once in a while.  Another way to improve your attitude is by looking at the positive side of seemingly bad things that happen to you.  Lets say that you’re about to make a sale on the phone with a customer and they change their mind.  Instead of getting mad and dwelling on the lack of a sale, focus on trying that much harder the next time and tell yourself that you will get two sales to make up for the one you lost.

Maybe you’re still finding it hard to have a good attitude and the first tip just doesn’t seem to be helping?  The second tip I recommend is giving service and having a good attitude about your service.  You might wonder what I mean by service, and how exactly it can help you make a bad day into a good one.  Let’s say that someone does something that starts to put you in a bad mood at work, whether it’s to you, or to someone else.  Your first initial reaction would be to not associate with that person and maybe even give them the cold shoulder.  What you should try to do instead is help them out with what they’re working on, and do it in a genuinely nice way.  Don’t try and sound like you know better, but try and be their friend.  Ask if they need help with any of their work and try and give them that help when they need it.  Of course, this doesn’t have to be drawn out help that takes a long time, and it doesn’t mean that you should do their work for them.  By helping them, or at least offering to help, you show them that you care about what they’re doing.  This might end up putting them in a better mood, as well as yourself, all as a result of being there for that person.

So you’ve now tried tip one and two, and neither one seems to be working?  The third and final tip I have is to have patience.  If you’re trying to have a good attitude and trying to help out those who need it, and you still feel like your day is a horrible one, remember to have patience and continue to try the first two tips.  Sometimes when you face a bad day, nothing makes it go away completely, but if it’s a bad day at work, remember patience, because if nothing else, you can look forward to going home at the end of the day and forgetting about the bad day that you had and starting over with a better day tomorrow.

Remember that not every day is going to be loads of fun and a blast, no matter what job you may have.  Just like life, you’re going to face ups and downs.  It’s in how you face your bad days that you show your true character, both at work and home.  Try following the above three tips of having a good attitude, giving service at work (especially to those you struggle with), and having patience, even when everything seems to go wrong.  If you do, I’ll bet that you’ll notice fewer bad days and be able to enjoy your work a lot more each and every day.

Facing a Bad Day at Work? Just Remember These Three Tips to Make a Fiesta Out of Your Funk by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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