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Mental Toughness

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During these rough times, it takes a fundamental toughness to make it through. Toughness isn’t referring to brute strength or even intellectual capacity, it’s a form of restraint that will help you win in life.

If you are (1) earning money, (2) building positive relationships, and (3) moving closer to your ideal career than you need to stop right in your tracks.

Now that you’ve stopped, you can stop and figure what it is that is allowing you to achieve all of these things. If you didn’t stop, and you aren’t gaining in these three areas, or other important areas of your life, STOP AND FIX IT!

Be tough! It is not important for you to get overwhelmed by life. Don’t let happenings get you down and don’t stop what you’re doing right.

If you’re unemployed, put all of your efforts towards getting that dream job, though that may be any job at this point.

Mental Toughness by
Authored by: Todd