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Overlooking Interns’ Value at Great Peril

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Those companies, especially really well known companies such as Vogue and Conde Nast, are taking a lot of heat and sometimes even getting sued by former interns. Why? Because they did a lot of work for no pay in an internship. For this reason, many companies are ditching the idea of internships all-out, they just can’t handle the liability and the bad public relations that comes with hosting internship positions. However, unpaid positions like these are actually pretty discriminatory, as only fairly well off students can do them while still having enough money to survive. Over one in five unpaid internships is due to having a social connection. No internship is going to change that, it’s just going to mean that the ones with social connections will probably still get a low-wage job and the ones that don’t have any to speak of will be out in the cold. It’s important that internships actually mean something, and publishing internships are well known to basically mean that you do simple menial tasks such as delivering coffee. It’s expected that you’ll go on to work in publishing, yes, but any contributions you might have when you’re an intern are mostly not welcomed. The whole face of internship has to change for it to be more than just a way to polish up a resume.

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Overlooking Interns' Value at Great Peril by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes