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Have Employers Find You on EmploymentCrossing

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It is one of the easiest job boards on the internet to use and it has an incredible feature for job seekers. EmploymentCrossing is easy to use, has thousands of jobs posted each week, and allows users to post their resumes to the site.

If you are currently employed and not really looking to switch jobs, but you want to get your name out there in the market, then EmploymentCrossing is the place for you.

Instead of using the site for a job search, you can post your resume to the site and have employers find you. A job search does not always have to be proactive. It can include some laid back time where employers find you using your social media profiles and posting a CV online.

EmploymentCrossing will let you post your resume to its system for employers to browse when they need some of the top talent in the country for their open jobs. We understand that not everyone is looking for a new job, but that they still want to know if companies like them. This is why the site allows users to post their resume if they so choose. Posting your resume is not a requirement to use the site either.

If you want to use the site to find a job, but want to send your resume directly to employers when applying, you can do this as well.

Have Employers Find You on EmploymentCrossing by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes