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Job Search Tips for Veterans

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If you are a veteran that is going from being in the military to being a civilian, finding employment can be a challenge. One thing it is important to note is that you want your work experience in the military to reflect skills you have learned that can be transferred to civilian jobs and the skills they look for. Here are some helpful tips and resources for finding a job as a veteran.

Access Military Resources

You have multiple resources available to you as a veteran to help find employment. The first step to take is contact the Veterans Administration. They should have a VetSuccess at Work program to help you with building your résumé, finding job listings, and even getting career counseling to help you decide what career is best suites for your as a civilian. There are also different groups for veterans that have their own set of resources and assistance in finding employment.

Convert Your Skills

Considering what military skills you have that can convert to civilian employment is another essential step in searching for a job after you leave the military. There are online tools, career counselors, and self assessments to help you accomplish this. Afterward, you should have a list of skills for your new resume that make sense to all hiring managers.

Update Your Resume

The majority of jobs will want to see a resume, aside from filling out a job application. Update your resume after converting military skills to civilian job skills, adding a special section describing your transferable experience. It should highlights your best skills and biggest accomplishments, with work experience that lists the most recent experience first. Include non-military and military skills and experiences on your resume to show diversity.

Consider Working for the Government

If you are interested in working for the government, the state and federal government agencies and offices tend to give special consideration o veterans. It is often easier to get hired by government agencies than outside or private companies, though this is optional. However, if your skills and experience are relevant to a local government job, they can offer you preference over other candidates they are considering.

Go Through a Temp Agency

When you first start looking for a job, it can be difficult getting chosen among many other applicants. To get a job fast, consider going through a temporary employment agency. These temp agencies go through your skills and experience, and place you in temporary or short-term positions relating to your skills. It is great because you can often get to work more quickly, get some great experience for your resume, and your temp job may turn into a permanent position.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes