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While Seeking Work, Volunteer

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Volunteering is for chumps, right? You’re working for free – who does that? Who can afford to? Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a long stretch of unemployment, you should strongly consider volunteering as much as possible, even while you look for new employment.

Why? Consider this: if you do good work as a volunteer, over the top, exceeding expectations, “wow, look at this guy” kinda work, people are going to notice. If you work that hard when nobody is paying you, how much will you work for money? Not only can you use your volunteer experience to fill in gaps on your resume, but you can network. You will develop the reputation of a person who is not at all lazy, but who keeps busy, is by nature a go-getter. A compromise here or there can only help you.

Plus, you can get experience through volunteering you couldn’t get from work. A lot of jobs expect you to have experience. But if they don’t give you the job, how can you get the experience? The paradox is resolved when you volunteer: you are getting experience in the things you love, and though you might not being paid in money for it, you are being paid in gratitude for those you are helping. They will want to help you back. At the very least, they will wish you well, and that in fact goes a long way, considering most jobs are gained by word of mouth.

Remember the proverb: cheerful work is twice rewarded. Keep cheerful. Work your volunteer job as if it could promote you to a job. Even if there is no way your volunteer work could become a job, you’d be surprised at what manifests. Your day will come.

Whatever you do, don’t stay at home feeling sorry for yourself wondering why nobody calls you in for an interview. Keep busy. Don’t snap at whatever job is offered you. Interviews go well when you don’t need the job in the first place. Keep busy, keep happy, and you will be employed before you know it.

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While Seeking Work, Volunteer by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes