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Mayor Proposes New Changes For Hiring and Evaluating Employees

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The Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, has come up with a proposal that would change the way that the government evaluates and hires its employees. It was believed that his original intention was to increase the earnings that city workers would receive hourly. The hourly pay rate increase would only affect less than 200 of the employees, according to The Lens.

However, the other changes that he has proposed would affect all of the city employees, including those who have already worked for the city and those who are planning to apply for a city job. Landrieu believes that these changes will allow the city of New Orleans to have its city workers receiving the protection that those in the public sector can receive while operating like private sector employment.

Landrieu argues that the hiring system that is currently used is outdated and needs to be changes. As of right now, the Civil Service Department gets to make the major hiring decisions. Landrieu believes that the outdated system does not give good candidates for the position the best possibility of being hired or promoted to higher-paying positions. He believes that some requirements should be abolished, including the requirement that the person who receives the best score on the civil service exam immediately gets considered for hiring first. He would also like to work toward preventing hiring preferences, allowing everyone to have their fair share at the opportunity available.

Landrieu insists that this proposal would not prevent employees from receiving the protection they deserve in their workplace. Instead, he says that it would allow for the development of a new system that rates the performance of each individual employee. When employees currently receive low performance ratings, they can appeal the decision, but that is something Landrieu is interested in doing away with.

Landrieu has been working on these changes for the past two years. The Civil Service Department would still have some say, but for the most part, they would not be able to do much of the promoting or hiring of new employees. The old method of doing things by introducing employees by name based on their employment status, promotion status, and new status is set to change so that employees no longer have to worry about hierarchy.

Instead of just throwing out a few names based on these qualifications, the Civil Service Department would need to develop a list with the names of all applicants who qualify for the position that they have applied to, even if their exam scores are not the highest and even if they are not up for promotion.

A meeting is being held on April 21st to discuss these possible changes. The Civil Service Commission will listen to these different ideas and then vote in May based on the decision they think is best for the city of New Orleans.

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Mayor Proposes New Changes For Hiring and Evaluating Employees by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes