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How to Improve Your Career Development

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Some of the most successful business professionals are ones who are proactive in their careers. When professionals realize what they want out of their careers and then go for it, they find themselves steeped in success and happiness. In this post we will discuss the most common ways to improve your career development and management.

Determine Short-and-Long-Term Skills

Depending on what job you want to attain in your career, you will need to investigate what the short-and-long-term skills will be for that position. For example; if you want to become the director of personnel for your company, you need to figure out what skills are needed to work in director position. Once you figure out what skills are needed, you can then put together a list of goals that will help you achieve this position.

Discuss Career Goals with Management

It is a good idea to discuss your career goals with your manager or supervisor. He or she can offer you guidance and direct you towards the best jobs that match your goals. The two of you can also create a career development plan that can be followed while at the company. When you involve your manager in the development of your career you will be receiving influence from an excellent reference.

Meet One-on-One with Colleagues

An excellent way to develop a career plan is to meet with your colleagues personally and discuss their careers. Many people are willing to talk about their success stories from their careers because they genuinely want to help others around them. This is an excellent way to increase the options you have for your career and where it can go from this point.

Talk with Human Resources

Every professional should meet those working in their company’s human resources department. This is a great way to learn about open jobs at the company and incentive programs. Find out what type of tuition reimbursement is offered by the company for taking courses that can help you advance in your career. Take advantage of in-house training and other certification programs so you can further your education and worth to the company.

Take on Challenging Projects

An excellent way to get noticed at work, and to help your career development, is to volunteer to work on challenging projects. Try to identify a problem at the work place and then offer a solution. When this occurs, you will be noticed within the organization.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes