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Investors Expects a Quick Rebound From Winter Doldrums

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Investors: looking to see an increase in stocks this spring.

This harsh winter has been given the blame for the decreased numbers in 2014’s first-quarter results. The weather was given the blame for: The reduced foot traffic to apparel retailers and opening the internet shopping trend through this winter. Housing and auto sales are expected to see a near 2 point increase with a need to repair and/or replace cars or furnaces. The utilities sector has had a good temporary increase, and home improvement companies have had some increased sales on winter supplies. The travel industry has been hit hard by this winter’s weather reducing Delta’s revenue by $90 million but the coffee shops were not as slow as before giving investors another reason to relax and have a cup of coffee and watch how little the weather will change their investment in the long run.

This winter was given the blame for decreased stock numbers in 2014’s first-quarter. The reduced foot traffic to apparel has the internet shopping trend hopping. Delta’s revenue dropped by $90 Million but the coffee shops and other accommodation resorts were overflowing! This winter’s numbers should not have worried a wise investor; weather has only a temporary impact on the investments.

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Investors Expects a Quick Rebound From Winter Doldrums by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes