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Finding Job-Creating Opportunities and Entrepreneurship

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Plenty of entrepreneurs who have reached that critical plateau could use your help. For some, it’s the $5 or $10 million sales mark; for others, it’s $20, $40, or $50 million. By the same token, many start-ups are desperately in need of seasoned managers to guide them into adolescence.

Surprisingly, finding these opportunities is easier than you think. It starts with a mindset, sort of like an antenna tuning into companies with job creation possibilities. What about your network? Heads of trade associations, for example, may point you toward opportunities. Don’t forget the hidden market sources mentioned in Chap. Eleven. Companies launched in business incubators and enterprise zones are more likely to be open to creative suggestions than established companies. Read More

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Finding Job-Creating Opportunities and Entrepreneurship by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes