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Catering Company Move Leads To More Space and Jobs

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Catering Creations, a catering company that was established 12 years ago and has had success ever since, has recently relocated to a much larger space in a renovated warehouse. The company will now have much more room than they originally had at their old location. With this new move, the company will be able to offer over a dozen full-time positions, according to

They will also have enough space for plenty of refrigerators to use as storage for many of their popular selections, including the butternut squash pasta and their upscale macaroni and cheese. The move means expansion and growth for a company that already has a great reputation.

Jennifer Snow, co-owner of Catering Creations, is excited about the new move, especially because it gives the company an opportunity to make even more business. Snow has stated that the company has had to deal with lots of space issues that have prevented them from expanding and growing as a business.

Now that there is plenty of space, Snow and her husband Jeff will be able to handle many more orders without worrying about running out of space. They will not have to tell people that they cannot help them with their catering needs due to a lack of space. They are looking forward to helping more people by providing tasty catered food.

The Snows are set to have the company moved by January. While the move is ideal for the Snows and the company as a whole, it is also good for the downtown area where the new building is located. Officials for the city believe that having the company located in such an area will bring a bit of edge and excitement, especially during evenings.

Catering Creations will now be located next to the Omaha Children’s Museum and the Liberty Elementary School. There are many other business surrounding the area, which makes it the perfect high-traffic area.

Current landscaping plans are currently being discussed. Many are excited to see the renovated look, believing that its beauty will be an instant attraction to both residents and tourists of the area. The catering company looks forward to standing out in its new location while providing catered food for all occasions, including weddings and anniversaries.

The inside of the building will include a spacious kitchen with enough room for the employees, a tasting room for customers, and a conference room where options can be discussed with those who are interested in catering for their special event. The Snows also hope to hire new employees to help during this time of growth.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes