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LinkedIn Files Lawsuit Against HiringSolved

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A cease and desist order was submitted to SellHack by the social media site LinkedIn earlier in the month, according to Now, the legal team at the site has filed an injunction against HiringSolved. HiringSolved is a ‘people aggregator’ that received funding late in 2013.

The original lawsuit against HiringSolved was filed in late January and an amended complaint was filed just at the end of March. The amended complaint names Shon Burton, the founder of HiringSolved.

A statement from Burton was issued following the inquiry by Burton said:

“Based on the claim, I don’t believe LinkedIn or their attorneys understand the role of People Aggregator tools. In the first page of the claim, Item #3 states:

HiringSolved website includes individuals’ profiles that Defendants have indiscriminately copied directly from LinkedIn’s own website. These profiles frequently contain explicit references to LinkedIn member pages, which HiringSolved has not even attempted to hide or otherwise remove.”

We do not attempt to hide or remove references to source data. This is by design, not accident. Like most search engines, we reference the information source and include the exact source URL. We call this attribution. We attribute the source of data within HiringSolved so the user can refer to the source directly. This a feature, not a bug.

The role of aggregator tools like HiringSolved is to combine and correlate data from many sources. This provides a more complete picture than a resume, or any social profile alone.”

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LinkedIn Files Lawsuit Against HiringSolved by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo