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What are the Best Pot-Related Jobs?

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As we watch the country continue to struggle with job creation, states like Washington and Colorado are enjoying job growth for one reason; the legalization of marijuana. A good amount of those new jobs are being created in the legal marijuana field. So, what are some of those jobs you ask? Well, for starters, there is the job of budtender. There is also the position of pot chef, weed consultant, delivery agent and much more.

The Budtender

We will begin with the budtender. Many of you might be thinking that a budtender is the same thing as a bartender? Well, it kind of is, but it has its differences. For starters, a budtender is someone who considers themselves an expert on cannabis. He or she will know the difference between flowers, the concentration of the strain, and weigh the buds. This person typically works in a pot dispensary and has a ton of knowledge of the plant.

Pot Chefs

People can enjoy marijuana in various forms, and the edibles industry has exploded with the legalization of pot in Washington and Colorado. There are some who enjoy the effects of marijuana, but do not like to smoke it. Instead, they enjoy eating food that has marijuana baked into it. This is where the pot chefs come into play. The industry needs experienced bakers and chefs who don’t mind adding a new ingredient to some of their best recipes.

Weed Consultant

Weed consultants are real jobs being offered right now in the state of Washington. These should be people who love getting stoned and know absolutely everything about marijuana. Weed consultants are needed to educate the government and the lawmakers in the state on marijuana. This includes how to grow the plant, how to dry it, test it, package it and sell it. They also want to know how to put it into food without the food tasting disgusting.

Delivery Agent

Since pot has been legalized in Washington and Colorado, those states need delivery agents. Pot is no longer bought and sold out of someone’s car while everyone is looking over their shoulders. Now, the plants need to be delivered from grow houses to dispensaries and other locations where it is legally allowed.

Pot Marketers

There is even a need for pot marketers. Pot dispensaries are in need of a brand, even though they are selling something as popular as marijuana. If you work in marketing or advertising, you might want to consider moving into the marijuana industry so you can bring something to the table for these businesses.

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What are the Best Pot-Related Jobs? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo