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Did you Major in Advertising? If so, Use AdvertisingCrossing to Find a Job

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If you majored in advertising while in college, you should bookmark and use AdvertisingCrossing often to find a job within the industry. The job board is unlike any other job board you will find online, which is why it has become so popular for job seekers across the country.

Jobs from all over the country in advertising are posted on the site by the staff, who works tirelessly to find open positions available at all types of agencies and corporations. They do not rest on their laurels when looking for jobs or wait for companies to submit postings. Instead, they use software that browses the available jobs pages on company websites.

What you need to understand as a job seeker is the fact that simply holding a degree in advertising does not mean you will get a job. You need to network, market yourself, and put together an extraordinary resume and portfolio. You should showcase your best work for potential employers so they know what you are capable of producing.

At AdvertisingCrossing, you will be able to search for open jobs based on their location, job title, company name or by the job category. The site is so simple to use that you will find yourself logged onto it almost each day of the week.

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Did you Major in Advertising? If so, Use AdvertisingCrossing to Find a Job by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes