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Tips for Moving on After Losing Your Job

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Losing your job can be a frustrating, stressful and even sad experience. If you have recently lost your job, you may now be wondering what to do next. Moving on isn’t always easy, but the faster you start trying to recover from your job loss and looking for new opportunities, the better off you will be in the long run. Here are some keys for moving on and recovering from being laid off or fired from your job.


One of the first things you should do after losing your job is reaching out to your professional network. Whether it is previous supervisors, co-workers, or friends in the same industry, they are a great resource for information. You would be surprised how many people you already know are looking for skilled workers, their company is, or they know of a great job you would be perfect for. Reach out and expand your professional network as soon as possible.

Get Contact Information

In some cases, you have a little time before you have to leave the office. This should not only be used to collect your belongings, but to get contact information for any co-workers you don’t currently have numbers and email addresses for. They are going to help you expand your professional network. Never bad mouth anyone when leaving your position, including your supervisor. In most cases, they didn’t have a choice with who they laid off, and due to economic struggles, had to let some people go. Be graceful and classy, and this behavior is going to help you get hired at your next job.

Ask for Samples of Work

If you completed any work at your job that could be good professional samples, ask if you can have a copy of them. Maybe you created a new piece of software, have an impressive CAD/CAM design for a local construction business, or have some detailed PowerPoint presentations. These are great samples for future employment to show your level of skills. Always ask first before attaining and using these samples, avoiding confidential information.

Take Advantage of Time Off

If you have some paid time off now, whether through unemployment benefits or your final paycheck from your last job, take advantage of the time of. Whether it is a few days, weeks or months, use this time to reflect on your next steps, pick up a hobby and even go on a little trip with family or friends. You may not have asked for this time off from work, but until you land another job, there is no reason you have to spend all your time in front of a computer. Your next job is right around the corner, so take full advantage of your free time.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes