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Look Healthy and Confident In an Interview

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What you wear is extremely important, but how you wear it can make the difference between a great first impression and a bomb. Here are several keys to looking your best in what you wear:

  • Carry nothing in your jacket, skirt, or trouser pockets. Bulges are not attractive, and people under stress tend to fidget with items in their pockets.
  • Never take your suit jacket off unless you absolutely must. When you’re trying to make a good first impression, it can weaken your executive image.
  • Have all buttons, hooks, and snaps in place and secured properly.
  • If you have been traveling, change to a fresh shirt or blouse before the interview. If your clothing is wrinkled or rumpled, either change it or use a portable steamer for quick touch-ups.
  • Your clothes must fit well. Nothing mars a first impression more quickly than bulges. If you are overweight, have your clothes tailored to fit.
  • Adjust your tie or scarf properly before you walk into the reception area.

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Look Healthy and Confident In an Interview by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes