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Government Human Resource Jobs

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Previously this department’s work remained confined to personnel record maintenance. But now the HR department has emerged as one of the active indispensable sectors of an organization. Both public and private sector bodies have a special department dedicated to HR.

Now-a-days human resources manage employees, take part in the administration of the organization and are responsible for handling crises in a smooth manner. It is a broad arena of work where responsibilities are delegated through different human resources administrators. The authority increases progressively from the manager, the director and ultimately establishes premium authority to the vice president.

All the positions have delineated roles and work within their specific, separate area of delegation. The hierarchy proliferates further from the HR director and HR manager. Under them, training manager, compensation manager and recruiter managers hold specialized functions to regulate the various branches of other departments.

HR personnel in both public and private bodies function as a confidante of the employees. Problems ranging from health care, work environment constraints to sexual harassments are discussed between an employee and human resource personnel. This undoubtedly calls for a space of privacy and secrecy maintenance on behalf of the human resources personnel.

Thus, communication skills and good listening ability are the most beneficial qualities in this field. Ability to read and judge people helps in the delegation of incentives as and when required.

In a government body, the necessity of HR department has been realized lately with overlapping responsibilities of various departments. The human resources in a government act as a bridge between the bureaucracy and the other departments.

Professionalism, new public management and optimal remuneration are the areas of concern in a government HR department. This is basically to keep a check on the smooth functioning of the government bodies so that it does not get too influenced by the private sector nor too dormant and inactive as a monotonous instrument of the public sector.

A HR director or manager looks into the activities of the public services periodically to avoid breeding corruption. Optimal remuneration is to ensure that there is no disparity in the salaries provided in a private and public sector. Incentivizing the work of the public sector personnel through periodic increases in remuneration is also an administering activity of the HR manager. Recruiting thousands of staff and administering them can be a tedious and gruesome task of HR managers in the public sector.

All governments provide the vacancies available in their respective sites for recruiting human resources personnel. A Bachelors degree and minimum experience in public relations suffices the requirements of HR personnel. Additional degrees in psychology, labor relations or business administration degree in human resources help in the maneuverability of finding jobs in the sector.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes