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When to Compromise

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Let’s say you are successful at your job. You’ve put in your dues, you’ve had your hard knocks, you know the ins and outs – all that. You’re a hit! You’re a success! It’s all so easy now…all so boring. Alas! What to do? You’ve outgrown the fish tank, and though you’re the biggest fish this tank has got going for it, this small world is cramping your style. You’re happy, and that’s a good thing, others will want you. Time to move on.

But what if moving on doesn’t look like a promotion? What if it looks like a demotion? What if you have to start all over at the bottom of the ladder in your next job? Don’t worry about it! Just do it. The success and power you’ve gained from your standing will transfer: all skills are transferable. No matter what sort of specialized nook you’ve gotten yourself into, your skills will transfer, if only through the high level of competency you’ve gotten used to using. That feeling of being powerful is addicting, is all that matters. No matter what job you move on to, you will strive for that level. You don’t want to leap into just anything, but a calculated sacrifice may work for you in the long run.

It’s like the rich. Once you’re used to living a rich lifestyle, you will never suffer being poor again. Even if something robs you of your fortune, you will return to being rich soon enough, one way or the other. Because it’s the only way you are comfortable, the only way you are happy.

So compromise a little. Take a new job where your new petty boss yells at you like you’re an amateur. Bear it with grace. You never want to whine or pule when you’re down. You know what you are worth. If others don’t see that immediately, they soon will. There is nothing to worry about. A man is always found out for what he is, and there is no hiding who you really are. Take the demotion. So long as your next step is on the path of your ultimate goal, it doesn’t matter if the path winds backwards before it straightens itself out. True pride knows how to be humble. Taking a job that your friends might murmur is in fact a demotion is one of the tricks and hidden wisdoms of the higher man who, knowing his worth, knows how to lower himself in order to be exalted.

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When to Compromise by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes