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4 Reasons Why You Need a Job Change

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You finally have your dream job and you are finding that it is not exactly what you dreamt about. Should you stick around and try to overcome your disappointment, or should look for a job/career change? This is a hard decision which will often change your life, career goals and professional path.

Top Indications That Say, ‘Change Your Job Now’

What would be the best indications that this job is no longer the best one for you – and hence, you need a job change, PRONTO?

    1. The Requirements of This Job Depend on Your Weakest Points – To best understand this point, imagine that you are a fish and your job requires that you climb a tree every day and be the best at it as well. What do you think would be the result? The fish would be frustrated to no end, because despite his very best efforts, the results would be abysmally poor. If you find that your job is focused on your weakest qualities, leave before you end up believing that you are hopeless and useless in that particular field.
    2. You Have Encountered a Major Change in Your Life – For example, let’s say that one of your parents is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and has to move into assisted living facilities; or, you are getting married and are planning to raise a family; or, you are blessed with and you want to spend more time with your family. The list is unending. When such major changes come into your life, you might consider taking up another job that will give you the necessary flexibility.
    3. The Values of Your Boss/Supervisor/Management/Company Clash with Yours – Sometimes you differ with your employer on major matters such as core values, ethics, style of work, etc. Sometimes, the boss in unable to respect boundaries and keeps encroaching into your private life. Sometimes, he is too demanding, too hard to please, or too stressful – If it is becoming out of hand, it is time you looked for another job.
    4. The Job Does Not Challenge You in Any Way – You love your job, you like what you are doing, but it no longer challenges you. It no longer makes you to jumpoutof bed looking forward to your day ahead. It no longer excites you enough to make you want to go to work every day. If this is so, consider looking for another job which will keep you fired up and ready to go each day. Only these types of jobs will provide you continuous satisfaction and ensure that you become a successful professional in your field.
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Authored by: Harrison Barnes