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Tech Companies Adding New Marketing Jobs in San Francisco

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Companies are always searching for marketing professionals who can create, manage as well as enhance branding. San Francisco currently ranks second among the best cities for marketing jobs in the U.S. The booming tech industry in nearby Silicon Valley is constantly adding new marketing jobs and stands out in creating more marketing jobs than ever before.

Over the years, marketing has become an important element for educational institutes, religious groups, and social service, government as well as nonprofit organizations. This activity is not just limited to businesses. So no matter which career track you decide to pursue, marketing provides a large number and variety of job opportunities.

Why Consider a Marketing Profession?

Marketing is vital to business success. Without a marketing plan, and people to execute that plan, it is typically difficult to get prospect attention, build a demand for a product or service and win customers.

Considering a marketing profession is a good move because you’d hardly ever be without work, especially in San Francisco. Barring a few exceptions, typically all companies have marketing departments that help them make money through effective communication. Marketing departments are responsible for performing core functions that are directed towards attracting target audiences to the products and services for sale.

If you are sociable, creative, can take the lead, want to enhance your management experience, have the aptitude to face challenges, and want to play a crucial role in growing a business, a marketing job is what you should go for.

Formal Education Requirement

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) a Bachelor’s degree is an essential requirement for entry-level marketing jobs. Often a two-year program providing an associate’s degree is considered as well. Some universities and community colleges offer these degrees.

Students who wish to take up higher positions or appointments can take the GMAT or the GRE test and pursue a Master’s degree. This can be followed up with a Doctorate degree.

Online or on-campus career advancement courses and seminars can also help marketing professionals gain further expertise in their chosen field.

 Selecting a Specialization

Before searching for marketing opportunities you must spend some time analyzing the area of marketing that interests you the most. There are many fields where marketing is required. You could decide on a career in brand management, product management, market research, advertising, traditional marketing, interactive marketing, or public relations.

Finding Marketing Jobs in San Francisco

While you can search for jobs using traditional methods, it’s time you employ social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. You could also conduct a job search perusing each company website or making simple searches using appropriate keywords like “marketing jobs in San Francisco,” “Entry level marketing jobs in San Francisco,” or “job openings San Francisco” on any top search engine. If time does not permit you to make thorough online searches engage a recruiter to help you out.

Or you can click here and save your time by checking out current marketing job openings on EmploymentCrossing.

Marketing is one of the most popular career destinations in the city of San Francisco. The demand for inventive marketers will persist in this beautiful city, as long as companies try to convince consumers to purchase their goods and services using diverse channels of media.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes