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4 Tips for Using the Search Function on Granted

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When you are browsing through the jobs on Granted, whether you’re looking by location, category, company name or job title, it can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming. To speed up the process, consider simply using the search function. The search function lets you type in any keyword or phrase pertaining to the type of job you want, such as the location, duties involved, type of job, industry, job title, or other relevant keywords. Here are some tips for using each effectively.

Make a List of Relevant Keywords

Before using the search function on Granted, it helps to know what keywords you will use. Start making a list of keywords, starting with the most important or relevant, then going from there. For example, if you know you want a full time job in the construction field, start coming up with keywords that pertain to the job you want. If you have experience with different duties in construction, like office management, labor work, framing, drywalling or roofing, then you can make a list of these. Also start using keywords for other details that are important to you, and using different variations.

Enter Your City

After choosing your keyword, enter the city and state you live in or where you prefer to work. This gives you results from that city, followed by cities nearby when you get to the end of the search results. It is a quick way to find nearby positions.

Enter Surrounding Cities

If you are willing to commute a little farther, search for other cities, or even your county. If you live in a city within a large county, you can enter that county and get results for all different cities within the same area. It gives you more search results if you use this method.

Narrow the Search Results

Once you have a list of listings after completing your search, narrow down the results. On the left-hand side of the Granted results page, you have options for narrowing down by location, company name, category, and when it was published.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes