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Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Adding 120 New Jobs to Franklin Plant

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Summary: It was announced earlier this week that Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies will increase its employment levels by 120 new jobs in Warren County over three years. 

Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies is planning to add 120 new jobs in Warren County, according to The Dayton Daily News.

The new jobs were first announced on Monday and they will be in addition to the current 329 jobs in Franklin that the company has, according to the Dayton Development Coalition.

“Our business is growing and we need increased skilled employees to meet the demand for customers,” said Tony Sapienza, spokesman for Faurecia.

New production lines will be added in Franklin with an investment in new equipment and machinery.

“Faurecia has proudly operated in the City of Franklin … for 20 years,” said Mark Stidham, president of Faurecia Emissions Control. “Our growth here is a proof point to the skill and commitment of the workforce in the area and we look forward to using that advantage to build on our success for many years to come.”

The new jobs will be added over a span of three years and will bring $4.5 million in new payroll to the tax base of Franklin. The company received approval for an eight-year tax credit at 55 percent if all of the jobs promised are created. The total value of the tax credit is $55,000.

“They actually have a lot of other facilities around the country that could have gotten this, but we were able to get that expansion here,” said Lucious Plant, project manager for Dayton Development Coalition. “It makes the region a place where other manufacturers want to be because there’s a strong community.”

Employment in the auto industry for the region increased by 32 percent from 2011 to 2013, according to Kristi Tanner. Tanner is the managing director for the auto industry at JobsOhio.

“Those assembly facilities are asking their suppliers to be more partners with them,” Tanner said. “We are well positioned to, what I would say, take more than our fair share of new capital that’s being invested in the U.S.,” she said.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo