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FedEx Bringing 800 New Jobs to St. Tammany Parish with New Building

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Summary: FedEx has announced that it will bring 800 new jobs to St. Tammany Parish with the construction of a new building. 

St. Tammany Parish will receive 800 new jobs when a 175,000 square-foot Federal Express distribution center is built, according to The Times-Picayune.

Construction will begin in the fall with completion to occur in 15 months, according to Economic Development Director Don Shea.

The FedEx new jobs will be in warehousing, office and truck driving. Other smaller FedEx locations in the area will not close when the new location is opened.

Pat Brister, the Parish President, said this is welcome news for the economy.

Many officials are concerned about the traffic problems in the area that already exist because of the added volume of vehicles once the new FedEx location opens.

The President of the Goodbee Homeowners Association, John Martin, said:

“It’s an industrial park. I don’t have a problem with them putting a building there. I have a problem with the traffic and what’s going to happen with the junction there.”

According to estimates, some 580 vehicles are projected to go to and from the FedEx location each day. Shea said that there will be 385 cars, 168 vans, four spot trailers and 23 line-haul trailers going in and out of the new location.

FedEx would not comment on the pending project in Louisiana due to its silence period prior to the announcement of the company’s quarterly earnings on September 17.

FedEx Bringing 800 New Jobs to St. Tammany Parish with New Building by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo