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3 Steps to Survive Layoffs

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Layoffs happen. With the recession ripples continuing to reverberate through all industries, cutting back on human resources has become one of the most common methods to reduce costs. The fact is that outsourcing and freelancing have brought in quick, professional and cost effective results has further encouraged this trend. Hence, layoffs happen. It can happen to you. If it does, the first thing you should know and keep in mind is that IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

You Can Survive A Layoff and Come Out Smiling Fromthe Experience

Most people who are laid off get in a self-pity mode, which will get them into a downward spiral toward depression and financial disaster. Do not for one moment, nurture any self-pity thoughts. What you should NOT do after a lay off:

Do not consider yourself worthless because you were found “expendable” by your company. They had their own priorities and these are often more about what they can get cheaper rather than judging your professional abilities.

Do not bend backwards to get employment – sometimes panic may push into accepting employment/ assignments that are not worthy of you (or the payment these offer). Do not accept anything than you would not do otherwise. Professional compromises will cost you dearly now and later.

Do not fear change – being laid off will mean changes in your life style. Apply yourself to embrace these changes to minimize the financial drain. Get your family to understand the situation and cooperate fully. When you do not fear change, it will not really bother you because it would be a temporary measure.

What you should do post being laid off:

Take stock of your finances – make plans to get your present finances pull you through 3-6 months. Use credit cards where possible so you have ready cash in hand for longer periods. Cut back all expenses except those that are required for survival, i.e. utilities, food, medicine, etc.

Make a list of the options you have – despite the recession, people are still getting jobs. Make a list of what options you have to earn. This could include freelancing, part time jobs, related jobs, small home businesses, providing services in your field of expertise as a consultant (online and offline), starting an online business, and so on.

Network, network, network – use your social media network to broadcast your talents and skills for available assignments, opportunities, openings. Always announce what you can offer – not what you are expecting to get. People will contact you if they like what they get from you, not what they have to give you.

Stay cool and keep in mind, “This too, shall pass!”

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3 Steps to Survive Layoffs by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes