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10 Signs That Predict You Will be Fired from a Job

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Summary: If you have begun to wonder if your job is safe, read through this post to find the most common signs that can predict you will be fired from a job.

No matter how long you have been with a company, there is always a chance that you will be fired from your job. There are plenty of circumstances that could lead to being fired and we will discuss the top 10 signs that predict you will be fired from a job in this post.

Being Disciplined by your Employer

One of the biggest signs that you will be fired soon is that you have been disciplined by your employer. If you have been coming into work late, seeing reduced sales numbers, or have struggled in getting along with co-workers, then your time might be up at your current job.

Job Responsibilities Have Dropped

If your job responsibilities have dropped at work, then you might be fired from your job in the near future. This is not always a sign of being fired, but it is also not a positive sign. You might wind up being reassigned at the office if not fired, which could turn into a demotion and a smaller paycheck.

Haven’t Spoken to the Boss Lately

Have you had trouble finding the boss at work lately? Do you seem to just miss him or her in the office? Have the two of you been playing phone tag quite often? All of these are signs that you could be fired soon. Supervisors hate uncomfortable situations and they could be avoiding you until the time is right to remove you from your position.

Your Job Can be Automated

As technology continues to improve and advance, more and more jobs are being automated. If it looks as if your job can be automated, then read the writing on the wall; you definitely will be fired from your job.

The Company was Purchased

When one company buys another, a large group of employees could lose their jobs due to restructuring or the purchasing company keeping their employees instead of the newly acquired ones.

Professional Development Ends

If your company was sending you to various training sessions, conferences and paying for you to go back to school to develop your career and it ends all of a sudden, this is a very bad sign. The end of professional development means that the company does not like what you are doing and your job is now in jeopardy.

Writing a Job Description

If you have been asked to write a job description for the position you currently hold, it will not be long until you are let go by the company. They are preparing to advertise an opening and want to know from the person working now what the job entails.

Forced to Take a Vacation

When a company forces one of its employees to take a vacation, this is a major sign that he or she might be fired. They tell an employee this because he or she just is not cutting it at the office.

Poor Performance Review

A poor performance review at the end of the year is a sign that you will be fired. These are almost completely unavoidable, even if you worked your tail off for the final weeks of the year.

Being Micromanaged

If you are being micromanaged all of a sudden by a supervisor or co-worker, this is a sign that you could be fired in the near future.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo