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Mistakes on Social Media That Cost Young Workers Their Jobs

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Summary: Millennials are taking over the workforce and are bringing the knowledge of technology with them. But, mistakes can be made on social media that could cause the loss of a job.

As millennials continue to enter the workforce, they bring the knowledge of technology with them to their jobs. Whether this concerns social media, application development, web development or how to use tablets and smartphones, this can be both a positive and negative thing. Some millennials do not understand how important it is to refrain from posting inappropriate content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We will discuss the biggest mistakes millennials make regarding social media in this post.

Using Social Media While at Work

This first mistake is one of the biggest pet peeves of employers today. If it is known that you should not be posting on Facebook or Twitter while on the job, then you should refrain from doing so unless it is part of your job description. Employers do not want to see you wasting time by browsing other people’s timelines or constantly posting tweets about your day.

Posting Photos Featuring You and Alcohol

It does not matter if you are of legal drinking age or not, posting photos on your Facebook or Instagram pages with alcohol is a big no-no today. Companies do not like this because your pages can be found by their clients with a quick search. You represent the organization no matter where you are, so be sure to avoid posting photos while holding a beer, wine or other drink.

Making Complaints about Work

Even if you do not mention the name of your employer in a post on social media, you should still refrain from making complaints about the company on these sites. You might think that the complaints are harmless or very light, but the company and your co-workers will not appreciate them.

Discussing Confidential Information

This might seem like an obvious n0-no, but some people still post corporate secrets or confidential information on their social media pages. Some of it might be on purpose, while others could have happened in the midst of a conversation without thinking twice. Either way, this will get you fired almost immediately, even if you delete the post, so be sure you are careful when using Twitter and Facebook.

Posting about Clients

Companies make their employees sign NDA contracts, which means that they cannot disclose any information about how the company operates or who their clients are. This is especially true when posting on social media sites. Employees should never post disparaging remarks about a company’s clients, no matter what the issue is or how much of a nuisance they might be to the employee.

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Mistakes on Social Media That Cost Young Workers Their Jobs by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo