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Five Tips That Will Help you Ace a Phone Interview

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Summary: If your next job interview comes by way of a telephone interview, you should follow the five tips outlined in this post to help you succeed.

Are you getting ready to interview for a new job? If so, we have plenty of advice for you if the interview will be scheduled for the telephone. Many people fail to prepare for a phone interview because they think it is a more relaxed setting. When this happens, you are more inclined to make a mistake in one or more of your answers. You can prevent this by taking the five tips outlined in this post and putting them to good use during your next phone interview.

Dress for the Interview

Even though you have the opportunity to sit on the couch in your pajamas during a phone interview, do not do this. Instead, dress the part. Put on some business casual attire and sit at a table or a desk. This will prevent you from offering lazy answers and sounding uninterested in the interview and the position at the company. The more you dress for the interview, the more confident you will sound when on the phone with the interviewer.

Act as Natural as Possible

When candidates take part in phone interviews they tend to sound unenthusiastic in the job because they cannot use their body language to show how excited they are for the opportunity. You need to act naturally during a phone interview, even if this means using your hands when you talk. We know that you will not be seen by the interviewer, but it will help you be yourself. If you feel more comfortable standing, then do this as well.

Stay Away from Public Places

Never conduct a phone interview in a public place. If an interviewer calls you seeking a phone interview and you are running errands, let the interviewer know that now is not a good time and that you need to schedule a time for later in the day or the week. If you have an interview scheduled, make sure you are not at a public place when it occurs. You will not be able to control the noise in the background, which can ruin the interview in a heartbeat.

Refrain from Using your Computer

You will have the urge to sit in front of the television or use your computer when taking part in a phone interview. Do not let this happen to you. Turn the TV off and move your computer to another room. Have all of your interview notes on paper, including a hard copy of your resume so you do not have to use the computer. Never let the interviewer hear you clicking your mouse or typing on your keyboard during a phone interview.

Listen, Listen, Listen

Listening is tantamount during a phone interview because you will not be able to read the body language of the interviewer. Make sure you hear all of the questions posed to you prior to offering an answer. This will help you ace the interview.

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Five Tips That Will Help you Ace a Phone Interview by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo