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Never Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

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Summary: As you prepare for a job interview, make sure you never ask the questions we will discuss in this post so you do not hurt your chances at employment.

You can be a veteran of the workforce, or right out of college, and still make mistakes when interviewing for a job. Preparation is key to any job interview, which is why you should take time out of your day to make sure you say all the right things. You also need to make sure that you have questions at the ready to ask the interviewer, or anyone else you might meet while at the office. Just make sure that the questions we discuss in this post are not asked during the job interview.

Do you require a drug test of your candidates?

As a job candidate, if you want to end your candidacy for the position, then ask this question during the job interview. This is an absolute no-no when it comes to asking questions during the interview. Even if you have made it to the second or third round of the interview process, it is still not a good idea to ask this question. It puts severe doubt in you as a person and as an effective candidate for the company to hire.

What exactly does your company do?

Since we mentioned preparation earlier in this post, you should never ask this question during a job interview. It means that you did not do any research into the company or the job for which you applied. It takes all of five minutes to find out what a company does and in which industry it operates. All you need to do is browse their website and do a little light reading.

When can I take a vacation?

Even if you know the person who is interviewing you from a previous company or from school, never ask this question. You will be placed at the bottom of the pile of desirable candidates who the company would like to hire. They want an employee who wants to come to work, wants to participate and wants to be successful at what they do. When you ask about taking vacation time, it shows that you are not a team player, do not like to work hard and would rather collect a paycheck and benefits than improve your career.

Can I work overtime?

This might seem like an honest question, but it is in fact a problem. Companies do not like to discuss their budgets with employees, especially when it comes to hourly employees. This can turn into a very awkward conversation when this question is asked because the interviewer will try to skirt the question. It will also cause you to sink to the bottom of the pile of candidates because a company wants to hire an employee who will finish their work during their allotted hours at the office.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo