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Top Jobs for Employees Looking for Flexible Schedules

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Summary: There are jobs out there that offer flexible scheduling and we have compiled a list of the top occupations where these schedules can be found.

An important part of the economy is that of the part-time job. These jobs, no matter what they might be, keep the economy moving. There are two types of part-time workers; those who work for economic reasons and those who work for noneconomic reasons. The category featuring employees who work for noneconomic reasons is actually much larger than those who work for economic reasons. In fact, the category is more than double the size of those working for economic reasons, which is a good sign for the economy. If you love the flexibility of a part-time schedule and want to change jobs, check out our list of the top jobs for part-time schedules in this post.


Working in sales does not have to be a full-time job. In fact, many sales associates work part-time hours after retiring, as a side job because it is their true love or to help pay for a child’s education. These positions are some of the most popular in the market today and can be found in various industries, including marketing, advertising, technology, education and much more.

Personal Service

Have you ever wanted to work in personal service? This can be found in hospitality or customer service industries. For example, you might be working as a resort reservationist in such an industry. These are popular jobs as well because many people retire from their careers and then head to Florida, California, or other areas with resorts to work a job for 10-15 hours per week.

Sports, Entertainment and Media

The sports, media and entertainment industries are a hotbed for part-time jobs. Many of the jobs are seasonal, depending on the location of the venue and when their popular seasons occur. Many of these workers will be in concessions, ticket sales, ushers, parking attendants and many other positions.

Administrative Positions

Offices across the country constantly need administrative help, especially when employees go out on long-term leave for pregnancy or medical issues. Companies also hire administrative help during their busy times of the year, such as during the holidays, and require employees who know they will only be working anywhere from 10-15 hours per week or less.

Education and Training

The education and training industries rely on part-time help to succeed. For example, in education, many classroom aides are part-time employees who work anywhere from two-five hours per day or less. In the training industry, part-time workers can be hired to help with putting together materials, setting up courses and much more.


The protective services industry relies on part-time employees as well. These employees can be found working as lifeguards at pools or beaches and as security guards at concerts, movie theaters or sporting events.

Social Services

Many social workers are hired on a part-time basis depending on the need. They work at schools, hospitals, universities and other locations to help the public.

Grounds Keepers

Another popular industry that hires part-time workers is that of grounds keeping. These maintenance workers are hired during peak seasons and can be relied on to do a litany of work for their employer.

Two other industries that hire part-time workers are transportation and healthcare support.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo