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Ask These Questions to Impress Hiring Managers at Your Next Job Interview

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Summary: If you want to impress the next hiring manager you meet during a job interview, then make sure you ask the questions outlined in this post.

Every hiring manager will ask a job candidate if they have any questions for them. It does not matter when this part of the interview takes place, you need to be prepared for it. Make sure you do not have a list of common or obvious questions prepared for the interviewer. Instead, you need to put together an excellent list that will knock their socks off and show them how well you prepare.

“Where is the company headed?”

One of the first questions you must ask a hiring manager is “Where is the company headed in the next year? 10 years?” This might actually stump the hiring manager, so do not be surprised if you do not get an answer in return right off the bat. If you can stump the hiring manager, you put yourself in an excellent situation for receiving a callback or an offer of employment.

“What is the most recent client issue you have faced?”

Hopefully, the hiring manager will have an answer for you that can be analyzed. Take that answer and think it over when you get home. Then, come up with a solution to the client problem and mention your solution in the handwritten thank-you note that is sent to the hiring manager following the job interview.

“Can I work in your center for a couple of weeks?”

If you ask this question of a hiring manager, you are taking a major risk. It should be asked by saying you want to work in the office or the center in order to get a feel for the environment or the needs of the company’s clients.

“What type of impact will I have on the department if I am hired for this position?”

When you drop this question on the hiring manager, it shows them how far in advance you are looking at success and you are not even employed yet.

“What is the one question you really want to ask me, but haven’t?”

As you prepare the questions you will ask the next hiring manager you meet, this one should absolutely be on your list. It shows the hiring manager that you will be open and honest with them no matter what question they are sitting on during the interview.

“What makes candidates successful in this position?”

Ask this question of a hiring manager, and you almost guarantee yourself a second interview or an offer of employment. It shows the hiring manager that you are truly trying to blow the competition out of the water.

“Why has your brand been more active on social media of late?”

This shows the hiring manager that you have done a lot of research into the company and it lets them know you have been thinking about how to market the company’s services if hired for the job.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo