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Tuition Assistance Program Announced at Popular Coffee Shop

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Summary: Starbucks announced a tuition assistance program earlier this summer, which has caused a major uptick in job seekers looking for employment with the company.

Job seekers across the country have always wondered if benefits should be the leading reason why they accept or decline an offer of employment. Well, something happened in the month of June that has provided a resounding answer to the question. That answer is yes! Benefits make it easier for job seekers to accept work.

On June 14, Starbucks announced that it would offer its employees a tuition assistance package. The program, called the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, is a partnership with the online program at Arizona State University. Suddenly, working as a barista looks a little more attractive with this announcement.

The new partnership provides all of Starbucks employees with at least some form of tuition assistance to attend school. Employees who enroll in the program as upperclassmen (juniors or seniors), will receive full tuition assistance from the program.

Employees who enroll as underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) will be provided partial tuition assistance and financial aid on a need-based case for no more than two years of study on a full-time basis.

It seems as though the announcement of tuition assistance from Starbucks quickly made working for the company a lot more attractive to those seeking employment.

Just two days following the announcement by Starbucks, job search volume for the company increased by 80 percent from the previous week. The incredible spike in interest for jobs at Starbucks proves that companies will receive more interest from job seekers so long as they offer some form of benefits for their employees. Benefits do not have to be tuition assistance or reimbursement alone. They can also be health coverage, vision, dental, 401(k), flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts and much more.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo