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10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

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Summary: We have compiled a list of the top 10 things you should never say to your boss, no matter the situation, or else risk losing your job.

There are a lot of things an employee and an employer can discuss during the workday; family achievements, projects, deadlines, sports and other generic topics. Despite this, there are some things an employee should never, ever say to their boss. We will discuss the top 10 things an employee should never say to a boss in this post so you do not make the mistake while at the office.

“This deadline is impossible.”

Managers do not want to hear that their employees cannot get something done. If this truly is the case, consider telling your manager that it would be more feasible to complete a project by Monday or Tuesday instead of Friday. Bosses want to hear their employees talk about what can be done, not what is impossible to complete.

“I am in need of a raise.”

No matter how close you are with your boss, this phrase should never come out of your mouth. You should not tell your boss you need a raise because of financial issues or a new expense at home either. They do not care about your financial situation, but they will reward a strong work ethic and a job well done.

“I really don’t like working with John Doe.”

Bosses do not want to get in the middle of a workplace rift, unless it is a matter of workplace security or safety. If you simply do not like working with John Doe, you boss does not want to hear this. Bosses want to see you get along with everyone, no matter the situation, and complete projects on-time and with a high level of quality.

“I emailed you about this issue two weeks ago.”

Just because you sent your boss an email about something, it does not mean you are removed from all responsibility regarding the issue. Check-in with the boss multiple times before you receive an answer either way from the boss about the situation.

“I am so hung over from partying last night.”

Never tell the boss what you did at a party last night or over the weekend. He or she does not care what happened. They just want to see you get your work done correctly and on-time. Even if you are close with your boss, he or she will not provide you with a lot of sympathy because it would be unprofessional on their part.

“That is not my fault.”

If something went wrong with a project, or your team missed a deadline, never tell your boss that it was not your fault. Superiors love to see employees take accountability when something goes wrong.

“It has always been done like this.”

When an operating process changes at work, bosses like to see their employees embrace it with open arms, not complain that it has always been done a different way in the past.

“I have no idea.”

This should never be the answer to a question from your boss. If you truly do not know the answer, tell your boss that you will inspect the issue immediately and find an answer for the boss.

“I want to set you up with someone.”

Never try to play love matchmaker with your boss. It is not your place to help them find a significant other. This will only backfire and cause tension between you and your boss.

“This is the best the company could do?”

Do not ask your boss this question, no matter what it is in response to. Whether you are asking about new desk chairs, the annual awards dinner or a new paint job on the office walls, asking this question shows others that you have a sense of entitlement.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo